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Compliance Assessment

Security Posture Management

Aegify SecureGRC

You are mandatorily covered, if you are one of the 600,000 Medical practitioners running your service as a small business or a medium or large hospital.

If you are using Information technology through electronic medical records (EMR) you are also governed by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009.

Aegify SPM is powered by Rapid7's Nexpose vulnerability management engine, which scans physical and virtual networks, databases, operating systems and web applications, enabling customers to remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and to enforce policies. It supports interoperability with other standard industry based scanners such as Qualys, Nessus and Retina.

PCI-DSS compliance management is a delicate affair. One slip or compromise could result in huge financial losses and brand-image exposure(s)! Managing PCI-DSS Compliance requires integrated and comprehensive approach that combines process, people, and technology. This requires automated monitoring for security vulnerabilities, mapping to security controls for assessing conformance and gaps, and initiating remediation actions for meeting Compliance requirements. Automated processes makes it easy, certain, fast, and available when required, leaving business enterprises – large, medium or small, to focus on their core business, competition, and strategies at an extremely affordable price through SecureGRC from eGestalt Technologies

SecureGRC Standard Edition, created particularly for small businesses (SB), in a security and compliance world, where there are no affordable solutions, takes away the headaches of security monitoring and regulatory compliance. If you wish to outsource or internally manage the entire security and compliance business to third parties, eGestalt has a number of channel partners providing managed services that will help you assess your security and compliance levels and maintain your security. If you have internal IT staff that can deal with security and compliance issues, SecureGRC Standard Edition can help you quickly.

Compliance Services

Healthcare Consulting

PCI-DSS Compliance

Having a comprehensive IT strategy helps ensure that you make the right choices for your company. ITS Alliances can provide an independent, objective assessment of your current IT environment and capabilities and help you understand the risks and benefits.

Our IT Consulting Services can improve your business processes and operations and help reduce overall IT costs.

ITS Alliances understands the challenges healthcare providers face and offers a comprehensive HIPAA Risk Management Program. Our program gives you visibility into HIPAA risks and helps you mitigate that risk. We accomplish this through a combination of professional services and technology. Our services ease the compliance burden for healthcare organizations by managing the risk throughout the full ePHI data lifecycle

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