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An innovative automated tool takes away the complexity of your Security Posture Management and simplifies protecting your IT infrastructure from Security breaches against–cyber–attackers while also meeting regulation requirements.

Aegify Security Posture Management tool is optimized to prevent exploits across your entire IT infrastructureEnables rapid deployment in both physical and virtual environment simplifying IT security and compliance management.World's FIRST unique flexible cloud-based architecture that facilitates scans of single to multiple assets;Enterprise-class protection with up-to-date scans for more than 28,000 vulnerabilities and over 85,000 checks across your physical and virtual networks, operating systems, databases, and Web applicationsEasily scales from small to medium to large enterprises with large networks (more than 1,024 IPs), multi-segmented network and virtualized infrastructure requiring without affecting performance,Real-time continuous monitoring of security and compliance status; Automated Compliance Mapping of threats and Vulnerabilities with real-time statusAsset discovery, management and prioritization of all physical and virtual assets, including IPv6 enabled devicesAutomates steps in vulnerability management life-cycle from asset discovery to risk prioritization (through effective risk modeling) and issue resolutionEasy customization to meet enterprise-specific requirements and flexibility in deployment.Extensive Dashboard views and ReportsConfiguration and Policy scanningVulnerability Analysis: Automates all steps in your vulnerability management life-cycle for asset discovery to risk prioritization and issue resolution; Improves strategic decision through Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)Risk ModelingRemediation: Remediation initiatives will be based on a rich data of risk intelligence coming from vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

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